If your OS Type is unknown but the server shows the green online checkbox, this is typically caused by a networking loop when the agent attempts to respond to the console.

When communicating with the agents, there are multiple levels of successful connection. The first level is establishing a network connection to the target server. If that is successful, the green online checkbox is shown on the servers page.

The next step in the process is to send a ‘ping’ request to the target agent. This ensures that the agent is able to recognize work requests that are sent to it, and able to properly return responses to the console.

Work requests sent to agents contain the hostname (from the servers page) where the request should run. The agent compares this name to the list of hostnames that have been specified for it (local hostname and IP addrs) and if there’s a match, the request is executed and returned. If there is no name match, the agent attempts to forward the request to the specified hostname. If the agent doesn’t recognize the name as its own, it will send it to itself in a loop, until loop protection kicks in and aborts the request.

As a first step, verify that the server’s hostname is correct and DNS serves the correct IP address. Depending on the host operating system, the agent may be provided just the base hostname of the server, or it may be provided the fully qualified hostname for the server. Try using both forms in the Orca console to see if that clears up the issue.

If you still have problems, check out the agent diagnostic videos on this site for in-depth information on how to correct the issue.