You can compare two points in time for a given application environment to see what's changed in that environment and track down events that may be the result of those changes.

The live online trial portals are pre-loaded with example data so you can try different comparisons and see how easy it is to locate changes over time.

To see for yourself, in your Orca Trial portal make sure that Sample WAS Ecosystem is the currently visible ecosystem and select the WAS node:

After selecting the WAS node in the list on the left, make sure the Config Data tab is displayed. A Compare To link appears in the grey banner at the top:  

Select Compare To and you'll be able to select the node you want to compare to. In this case, we want to look at the same node but compare different points in time so select the same node that you were displaying originally:

The two dropdown lists at the top show all of the historical inventories that have been performed on the node. Select any two points on either side to see how the application environment changed between those two points in time.