You can compare two application environments to see what's different between them and identify configuration settings that were missed when the environments were synchronized.

The live online trial portals are pre-loaded with example data so you can try different comparisons and see how easy it is to locate changes.

To see for yourself, in your Orca Trial portal make sure that Sample Windows Ecosystem is the currently visible ecosystem and select the UAT/IIS node:

This identifies the starting environment you want to compare. Next, click the Compare To link in the grey banner at the top of the page. In the dialog that's displayed, you select the environment you want to compare this environment to. Select the Production/IIS environment and click the Compare To Selected Node button.

This takes you to the comparison page where all of the specific differences between the two environments will be displayed. You can also select specific points in time for each environment using the dropdowns at the top of the page to see how these two environments diverged or converged over time.