Orca requires a number of packages and configuration changes prior to installing. After following the install prep guide you can verify that your system is configured correctly by running a system check utility we have created. You can run this utility on the server with the following commands:

cd /var/www/html
curl -k -O https://orca-public.objects-us-east-1.dream.io/syscheck.php
curl -k https://localhost/syscheck.php

The last command should produce the following output:

              PHP Version: OK (7.1.14)
  Call mb_detect_encoding: OK
      Call mcrypt_decrypt: OK
 Call simplexml_load_file: OK
        Call posix_getuid: OK
               Call bcmod: OK
        Call ldap_connect: OK
             Proxy Module: OK
          WSTunnel Module: OK
           Rewrite Module: OK
               PHP Module: OK
   PHP max_execution_time: OK
       PHP max_input_time: OK
  PHP upload_max_filesize: OK
        PHP post_max_size: OK
         PHP memory_limit: OK

This means your server is ready to install Orca. If there are issues, suggestions will be provided as to how to correct the problem.

Note: This utility does not verify that the database modules and connection are correct. You may need to complete installation of those components if the Orca installation script indicates there are database driver/connection problems.