Upgrade Notes:


1927 - Nodes that have been expanded or collapsed in the explorer view should stay in that orientation until a user leaves the page or does a hard browser refresh.

A SQL Query inventory option has been added to the DB2 Role.

Fixed Issues:

1932 - Clicking the URL in an email received from Orca forces you to log in and then does not redirect you to the correct page.
1938 - Old documentation links should be removed from the guided tours.
1953 - Compare Results still compares specifically excluded paths.
1954 - Old Compare Results show "Unknown" as a title for each comparison node.
1951 - "Apply ignore rules" on Compare Results doesn't work.
1941/1950 - Add Relationship on Compare Results is broken when multiple top level activities are present.

Known Issues:

1920 - Server diff icons aren't visible while an inventory for that node is running.

1921 - The "similar to" option on the "validate against value from another node" compliance rule is off by one when selecting a +/- range. For example, if the value of the config data you're comparing against is 4 and you choose a range of +/- 1, then a violation shows when the comparison item is 5.

1922 - The drift and server diff modals that show differences between two smalltext items may run off the boundaries of the modal depending on the size of the smalltext.

1907 - When a node shows both drift and server diffs for a config item and an ignore rule is added to that item, the server diff icon disappears.

1915 - The order of precendence in the Rules slideout is not always applied, so if an ignore rule is added to any config item where another compliance rule has already been applied and has caused a compliance violation, the ignore rule will still take effect. Also, config path highlighting is not shown, but the fire icon next to the node name is present.

1913 - When multiple servers on a node are being compared, the Compare To screen will show a "view diff" link that opens a blank modal even if no diffs are present.

1844 - Once a compliance rule has been created, you cannot change the rule type.

1853 - Deleting a node from a node template sends you to a page showing all the node templates.

1928 - Depending on the timing of cancelling an inventory, the inventory may go to a 'failed' state.

1929 - There are two instances of 'widget undefined' on the out-of-the-box dashboard.

1930 - Compare Results do not show server differences within a multi-server node when compared with another node or point-in-time.

1931 - Orca should dynamically find the correct drive where the Install-OrcaAgent.ps1 script resides (Windows Installs).

1934 - A smalltext item where both drift and server diffs are flagged may incorrectly flag an additional smalltext configuration item.

1935 - Ignoring a smalltext value that has drifted as a result of being added (item did not exist in the baseline inventory) will continue to highlight the configuration section in red.

1936 - Compliance rule validations do not work against smalltext items.

1937 - Ignoring an item that has both drifted and has server differences still continues to highlight it's parent configuration path.

1943 - Product doc links are broken and/or point to internal confluence pages.
1944 - Server and node tokens are not cleaned up when rules are deleted. A delete button is shown next to the tokens even though a user is not allowed to delete them.
1947 - The node tokens tab and server tokens tab under Details doesn't show all the values.
1948 - Tokens search for the first replace string and may not replace the second string if it finds an initial match.
1949 - If you create a compliance rule set and immediately add that rule set to another node, you must do a hard browser refresh for the rule set to appear.
1952 - An "Edit" button randomly appears in the gray banner as a possible action.
1955 - Prior Day / Week Options on Drift and Compare Results Drop Downs show a date when they shouldn't.
1957 - If the latest config data revision is tagged, the tag is removed when added as a drift baseline.

Current Limitations:

- Orca's generic XML interfaces do not support namespaces.

- On MySQL/MariaDB databases, if drift isn't showing on large config data sets it may be because you exceeded a database limit. Dumping your database will tell you if you've hit this limiation. If so, please split the returned config data into multiple nodes.

- The Windows remote agent install (available on the About tab only on Windows installations of Orca) will not work in 4.X Orca installations and has been hidden from view.

- Sometimes Orca needs to order and identify lists of configuration items. When drift is enabled and you add or remove an item, the ordering changes causing them all to appear drifted. Adding/removing the item and rerunning the inventory will synchronize the ordering of the list. The list of JBoss extensions is an example of this behavior.

- If a configuration item has been removed and the drift baseline is set, the resulting inventory will show drift. The item will appear in the map as [not set]. You cannot create 'ignore' compliance rules against this item.